We deliver more than expected

Our process is centred on you and your audience.

You and those you want to reach are the most important part of your project. That’s why our process is centred first and foremost on people.

Strategy  +  Creative  +  Execution = Intx process

1. Discovery

We want to get the broadest understanding of you, your audience, and your goals. This is the start of our journey and is all about exploring possibilities and divergent paths that may lead us to our final destination.

2. Planning

Taking all of our insights from discovery, we begin to converge on a solution, drawing up the roadmap that will lead to our journey’s end. A well laid plan is key to success, but we also leave room for adventure along the way.

3. Content

Through a comprehensive UX strategy and plan, we map out what we will need and begin the process of collecting content. We work on messaging that is aligned with your brand personality and purpose.

4. Design

Throughout our collaborative design process we’ll seek input and feedback, never leaving you in the dark. There are no surprises, only delight as we continue to refine to a beautiful outcome that sets you apart.

5. Implementation

Whether building a campaign, developing a site or application, or enhancing a brand, this is the stage where the rubber hits the road. We take all of the work we’ve done and begin to make theory real using the right tools and technology.

6. Assurance

Whether it’s checking for quality on a website or checking over the plans for rollout on a marketing campaign, the assurance stage is our opportunity to double check. We seek to remove any potential roadblocks before they come up.

7. Launch

Before we launch and arrive at the end of our initial journey with you, we review all the details and make sure you’re equipped for arrival. This includes training for any technologies needed for use as well as a recap of goals. Of course this is also when we launch.

8. Revisit

Whether it’s right away after launch, or a little further down the road, we’re ready for your next adventure. Whether it’s adding microsite, another platform, or a marketing campaign, building your community will continue from one project to the next.


Our work and client relationships define us as an agency

We think. We feel. We do.

Our team is a perfect blend of strategic thinkers, passionate creatives, and technology wizards.

There's nothing we love more than taking your idea, your story, your new venture and making it into something real.

Lift Interactive was founded in 2002 with a vision to harness the potential of the web.

Since then we've grown into a full-blown, award-winning digital agency on a mission.