Say the right thing, clear and concise

Communicating with your audience can be a challenge, especially when there are multiple interest groups and mixed demographics. Uncovering the core essence of your message and presenting it in as few words as possible is important to capturing and keeping attention. At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure people are hearing you.

We’re bombarded by messages wherever we go, but attention is limited. In order to get through, you have to be relevant, thoughtful, considerate, and direct. It’s the balance of these that makes the difference. It’s easy to shout loudly, and you might get some initial attention, but over time the lack of substance will lose out. Similarly, too much detail, even if it’s relevant, if it’s not presented at the right time to the right person, it will be overlooked.

The Lift team will help you to develop a communication plan that considers your audience’s journey and what they need to hear at each stage. We work with you to get the timing and volume right, making it easier for visitors to get the message and know what to do with it.

Communication Plan

Before getting into any of the details or specific words, it’s critical to have an overall sense of what your audience wants to hear. A communication plan provides a guide for how to connect with your audience. We consider both the types of messages and the channels or media that will be used to get the word out.

Content Hierarchy

Not all pieces of content are equal in importance. Knowing which parts of your communication strategy require the most attention ensures that you aren’t wasting effort in areas that don’t need it. We help to plan the hierarchy of your messaging, putting increased attention in the places with the most exposure and understanding which sections need less.

Taglines & Key Messages

Pithy, witty, exciting, adventurous, these might be words that you’d like used in describing your content. Getting your key messages and taglines to resonate takes a lot of work. Our team is full of people that are creative and can not only contribute, but help to pull the best out of you. Together we’ll refine your top-level content to resonate with your visitors.


Developing for all of your communications channels is a huge challenge. Our copywriters will guide you through a process to collect the information they need in order to put together the right message. Whether it’s copy for the web, a brochure, or writing a video script, we can help get the details right and save you the headache.


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