Enhance your online user experience and build toward action

A beautiful interface is only that if the underlying structures do not support your visitors achieving their goals. User experience is about thoughtfully designing your site, platform, application or campaign to align with the objectives of users. To do this, it’s necessary to first gain understanding of your desires and goals and the community you lead and grow.

From planning for how users will navigate through your ecosystem to carefully crafting the calls to action that will drive them to respond, enhancing user experience will get you more. The Lift team will take you beyond the aesthetic design and into thinking about flows, content, user behaviour and much more.

Our cross-platform approach to UX considers not just how users will behave on your digital channels. We also look at who you want to attract, how you’ll bring them to your site, the decisions we want them to make, and the actions they may take after they leave.

UX Audits

Starting with what you’re doing now gives us a place to grow from. What’s working? What’s okay, but could be better? Is anything missing? A UX audit involves reviewing your platforms, audience information, analytics, and more to create a picture of how things are now. From this we can begin to draw a path towards an improved experience.

Content Planning

One of the most often overlooked pieces of user experience is content. It’s important to understand how visitors will move through your content in stages. Are they at the stage where you need to capture them with WOW content, or are they ready to get into the details to guide their final decision making. Planning for content according to user intent will help.


Navigating a website can be a bit like entering a large museum. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, confusion can come and quickly overwhelm. Userflows consider specific situations and then design way-finding tools that act as signposts to guide users through your site, application, or platform.


Users come to you at various stages of their decision making process and its important to understand their level of engagement. Those who are in the early stages are less invested and we need to prioritize capturing them quickly, they’re high priority. Others who are further down the funnel are willing to work a little harder to find what they’re looking for.


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